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Oct. 1st, 2006 | 04:36 pm
posted by: cala_jane in ultimatediary

Popularity level: 0
Followers: 0

Apparently people don't find this community on their own. And after seeing little entries, they don't feel the need to join.
That means that I am not gaining followers.
Must. Find. A way.

Threaten subscribed fangirls into joining.
Bribe others into joining.
Measure popularity level.

Attempts to kill the cat: 2
Cat's attempts to commit suicide: 1

It seems like I don't really need to try to kill my cat. It's doing amazing job on its own.
First attempt in suicide: jumping from the stairs.
Effect: complete failure. Cat walked funny for few minutes and it's back to the usual annoying self.

Suicidal thoughts might be an effect of cat's repressed sexuality. Apparently it has problems accepting it's gayness.
Just like me.

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