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Sep. 23rd, 2006 | 04:32 pm
posted by: cala_jane in ultimatediary

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Have to come up with a good strategy. So far even my flist is ignoring my attempts...
Possible strategies:
a) bribes
definately a good technique. works every time (so I've heard). Only minus: followers might get used to getting stuff. Bad.
b) fear
useful, but not for long. followers raised in fear will leave given the first possibility to the first new god they see. Bad
c) begging
might work. pity worked in the past for others. Followers might get irritated though. Bad.

Will try a combination of all three.
Might need a sockpuppet as a Plan B

Linked at metafandom: 1

Not sure it counts though. It was before I settled on my quest to rule the world.
Have to come up with something new. Just to be safe.

I don't feel strong enough to join Harry Potter fandom yet. Especially not with all the tvshows coming back.
House looks promising in the wankland. Have to think about switching.

Attempts to kill the cat: 1
Tried to suffocate the cat. Paper bag isn't all that useful. Not when your oponent has claws. Have to try something else.

Cat got trapped in the closet.
Cat might be gay. It certainly has a closet fixation.

New resolution
4.3 Find out if the cat is gay

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